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Who this is for:

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Are you a loving, determined, purposeful women who has found herself lost; left wondering…
“What’s life all about?”

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Do you know you deserve to be happy, fulfilled and joyous yet feel overcast by confusion, sadness, hurt or loneliness?


Are you committed to doing what it takes to heal from the pain of your past and step in to all that you were meant to be?


Then congratulations, you’re in the right place.

My promise to you
—  A Step by step strategy To move you out of mere existence and transform your life into happiness, purpose and fulfilment in the next 90 days, even if you have struggled for years
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what we do

We coach you through:

  • The 5 steps that move my clients from confusion, sadness and overwhelm, to finding real peace, joy and fulfilment in their lives.

  • A simple structure that creates self-respect, self-worth, and self-confidence in our clients - bringing back that all too often lost feeling of who they truly are.

  • Why focussing on the problems is THE WORST thing to do... and the simple 7-level solution for releasing old emotions from the past and allowing fulfilment, love, and happiness to flow freely now.

  • How our clients finally let go of the hounding “what if” thoughts and move forward into exciting futures; filled with connection, love, and laughter - even after years of upset, doubt and confusion.

  • AND, how they achieved all of this while being true to their needs, without confrontation, compromise or hours of counselling and therapy.

The 5 Steps To Move You Out Of Mere Existence And Transform Your Life Into Happiness, Purpose And Fulfilment

In as Little as 90 Days


Is this for you

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you spent, months, years, even decades wondering what life is all about? Overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, sad?

  • Did you grow up believing in fairytales, only to smacked in the face, like I was a few years ago, with the harsh reality that life isn’t always what Walt Disney et el led us to believe? That the happy ever after of a partner for life and 2.4 children wasn’t written in your stars after all?

  • Is dissatisfaction creeping into your relationship, your career, your friendships, as you compare every part of your life with torturing thoughts of how it could be so different?

  • Perhaps you’re happily married and have a successful career but the gaping hole from where you lost You is eating away at your confidence, certainty and respect for life.

  • Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering “is this it?!”

  • Is the frustration, confusion and overwhelm seeping in to all areas of your life, and do you find yourself snapping, overreacting, or sulking as you wonder how on earth you get off of this perpetual cycle of uncertainty. Feeling lost, unsure of who you are and somehow completely disconnected from the rest of the world?




Are you ready to get your life back on track -


The 5 Steps Our Female Clients Use to Reconnect Back to Themselves and Take Back Control of Their Lives Forever - in as Little as 90 Days.

Happy ladies - now…


I wish I had found this 20 years ago ~ Maria

“When I found this programme I was in a very bad place in my relationship. Becoming a mother and working full time had taken its toll and the home had become a place of conflict and felt like a battle ground. My little girl was 3 and a half and I knew that things needed to change for both myself and my daughter. Joining the programme gave me a sense of worth that I had long forgotten. It helped me start to believe in myself and meant that I finally spent time reconnecting.

In the short space of 8 weeks my home is no longer a place of conflict. I am equipped to handle disagreements in a positive way and have noticed the enormous change in positive energy in both my partner and daughter. I have established healthy boundaries and have a level of self love I'd not had before.

The 8 weeks highlighted to me the importance in self awareness and care and I have vision where before I had doubt in so many areas of my life.

I found Jacqui really compassionate and totally non judgemental even though she'd see me at pretty rock bottom. And, I found the group sessions so valuable, and the energy and support from the others amazing.

There is only one thing that could have made this journey better for me, and that's if I had discovered it 20 years ago.”

Watch Maria’s video here:


Everything has changed ~ Jehanne

"I can honestly say Jacqui turned my life around in 2016. I started working with Jacqui to help me stop procrastinating and get confidence and focus in my new business. Jacqui was kind, understanding, supportive and challenged me when I needed it most. Ultimately it was other areas of my life that were holding me back, a big part of that was my relationship with my husband. I am so grateful for the insight, inspiration, care and guidance Jacqui has shared, not only am I a better person for it, I am in the happy loving marriage I had always dreamed of." 

I thought I’d tried everything ~ Valery

"We all think we want to put our gurus on a pedestal and see them as bright shining Gods, but in reality, we want people we can relate to, others who understand our pain and struggle as well as our joys. You are amazing in this area and your ability to be open and vulnerable has helped me in so many ways. Add me to your list of those whose lives you have changed." 

The best thing I did - Rachel

“Calling you in tears from my car was a turning point in my life. The peace that settled within me and within our household within the first week of working with you was wonderful and learning how to show up in my own life changed everything…”

I can’t thank you enough - Melissa

“The work that we did together has completely changed me life Jacqui. I am so glad I was recommended to you and I can’t thank you enough for the brighter, happier and more peaceful life that I know is ahead of me now.”