~ Conclusion ~
What can I say? This journey, both into myself and around the globe, has been one of the best experiences of my life, of such great depth and enjoyment. I could never have foreseen the changes that have taken place inside and out, and as I continue on my path, with love and light in my heart, I am beyond excited about what the next 90 days and beyond will bring.
Yes, the journey continues. This is not the end; it cannot be the end! As I sit here typing these lasts words in this particular book, I know that there is so much more inside of me. More journeys to take, physically and spiritually. More people to meet, to love, to inspire, and to learn from.
Through my work, through my life, on my path to being the very best version of me that I can be, to empower, inspire and help as many people as I possibly can while I am here on this beautiful planet we get to call home, I now know for certain that what I have in store is one amazing adventure. By continuing this journey of conceiving, believing and taking action, I am destined to be and to achieve everything I see before me.
I have learned that there really is no right or wrong way to meditate. That you do what works for you. Find a space and time where you won’t be distracted, get comfortable enough to stay there for the period of time you set for yourself without falling asleep, turn everything off except an alarm, to avoid being lured into checking the time, and then allow what needs to come to you, and through you, to do just that. As you have read here, it won’t necessarily come easily and at times it might be incredibly challenging, but with the joy and peace I have in my heart I can say without hesitation that it is absolutely worth it.
So what have I achieved so far? From the stumbling through 10 minutes of shutting my eyes and trying simply to be present in the moment, to a meditation/mindfulness practice that now lasts no less than an hour every single day.
From wading my way through the cacophony of noise that hurtled through my head in those early days, to the peace that comes more often than not, and the information I get to receive in perfect segments of space and time.

I have written and published a bestselling book. I have drafted a second and this, my third book, is now complete and ready to launch.
I have spent two months in a foreign-speaking country, learning, loving, and understanding what it is to give to myself first before being able to give to others.
I have flown around the globe to a city I expected to dislike and fell in love instead: with the city and the people in it.
I have stood on stage in front of 1,400 people, having manifested it so, and learned how, by being authentically me, I can help others to be the very best they can be.
I have created a brand, spoken on two radio stations, have a workshop and a retreat booked for a few weeks’ time, been invited to speak at an event in the UK, and am helping people through my coaching with a version the program that was given to me through my meditations.
I have found love and compassion for myself, and I am learning to hold that space as I continue to discover what it means to find true love with another person.
I am in the process of setting up The Amazon Project with my friends from my trip to Peru, to regenerate areas of the Peruvian Amazon that have been destroyed by deforestation.

And so much more besides...those little unique occurrences that have been mentioned in my writings and those that have simply slipped through consciousness and nestled themselves within me. 

Would any of the above have happened if it weren’t for this practice I decided to sit with and note down every day for the least 90 days? I honestly believe that it would not have. Has everything I manifested come to pass? No. Has everything that was meant to cross my path on the journey that I have taken so far occurred? Absolutely. Has my belief in my own abilities and love for myself grown out of all recognition from what it was just a few short months ago? Wholeheartedly yes. Do I have much yet to learn, to grow and to understand? Without a shadow of a doubt.
I look forward to what every step, along this beautiful path that I get to call my life, has to offer me.