Why Jacqui?

“You don’t hire a Master Relationship Coach because you want someone to just listen to your woes, you hire a Master Relationship Coach because you want a dramatic and lasting change, and you want it now!” ~ Jacqui Greene

Most ‘experts’ focus on the symptoms of dysfunctional lives that show up after years of disharmony, built up resentment, and total dissatisfaction… Jacqui and her team however get straight to the root cause. Working with each client and their truly individual strengths and resources, Jacqui and the team at A Journey of Self Discovery give their clients exactly what they need to reconnect to themselves, take back control of their lives and build for the loving, connected, trusting and supportive future they are craving for.

A system crafted from years of developmental work in the areas of communication, neuro science, conscious v subconscious, and the universal laws of cause and effect, whittled down to the exact processes needed to create massive change - immediately.

A system laid out in a simple step-by-step process, focusing on transformation over information overload, and therefore enabling their clients to make the changes necessary to achieve their transformations in as little as 90 days.

  • Jacqui is the #1 results focused Master Relationship Coach in the country

  • Award winning trainer in Personal Development

  • Founder of A Journey of Self Discovery


Her company has helped women across the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA to focus on changing their lives, appreciate what it takes to reconnect back to self, and to build connection, love, affection, respect and happiness at levels some didn’t believe would be possible.

With her own life and love deeper than many have the pleasure of experiencing, and with the years of developmental training she has committed to, Jacqui now coaches others the Step-By-Step processes to being the very best; to lead with love, compassion, empathy and understanding - for themselves first and then outward to the rest of their lives, to immediately propel them to experiencing the life they desire, and deserve now.