When the going gets tough...


While out on a cycling rep training ride this morning, I was reminded of just how powerful the mind is - especially when we are not consciously taking control of it!

Just 100 yards into the 2nd rep up a killer hill the lactic acid kicked in and my mind went in to "nope" mode.

Shan't, can't, will not, going to stop....

And I almost did stop.

For a minuscule moment of a second, my legs stopped turning.

But I hadn't given up completely. I noticed what was happening. That it wasn't about the pain in my legs. It wasn't going to get any harder. I just had to keep turning those legs - essentially putting one foot in front of the other (while attached to the peddles).

There's that saying...

"when the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Actually, it's a song too isn't it?

(Billy Ocean 1986 - I just looked it up 😊 )

Anyway, that came to mind this morning too.

The thing is.. That view from the top!

When I decided, to decide that I wasn't going to allow the voices in my head to overcome what I knew could be possible. THAT's when it got easier.

Suddenly I was over half way there, the lactic acid had moved through and I was in flow.

In tune with myself.


And the reward was worth it.

I was also blowing like a train 😅 and I know the more I conquer the fear of moving forward; taking control of my mind and pushing on to the places I know I can to get to, the easier it will be.....

Happy Thursday 😉


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Jacqui Greene