At peace with choices made

When the choice to not have children has been made, for many a full and wholesome life with no regrets or second thoughts is achieved.

And for some, when there is no turning back, a whole heap of emotions can follow.

It is often human nature that dictates we want something more, when we can't have it.

Whatever the reason, the turmoil doesn't lesson, when coming to terms with the thoughts, considerations, and mind chatter which can occur, sometimes completely unexpectedly from left field.

And when confusion about decisions made around having children shows up - it can shine a light on all decisions made, causing uncertainty about Everything.

Regret, if allowed, can have a powerfully debilitating impact both on your psychological health, as well as your physical health.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Take some time to focus on what could be, on how You want to show up, what You want to feel, what morals are You led by, and how You want to be in Your world - this is when the connection back to your true self can begin.

Be kind to yourself through this process. Allow yourself the space for creativity to flow, enabling all that is there to come out to do so - however strange, or whacky it might be.

You can always come back to the work, edit, refine, change and alter as you see fit.

For right now - just get writing.

And let me know what revelations come!

Jacqui Greene