Prune the tree...


You've got to prune the tree to allow the fruit to flourish abundantly.

As I went to sleep last night I asked my unconscious mind to free up and let go something I felt had been holding me back.

Something I wasn't consciously aware of.

A limit within that was hampering my path.

This morning I woke up sullen.

Filled with untold emotion.

Focused inward, quiet, unresponsive.

And then the tears came.

And they fell.

And they continued to fall.

And as they did, though I had no idea of their purpose, I knew this was the answer to my calling, from the previous nights' question.

And I allowed.

I let go.

And the sun came back out.

Whatever needed to go, has gone, released, freed from inside of me.

Allowing space for all that is meant to be, to go there now.

Fresh air, gratitude and peace are pouring in.

My mind is clearer where I hadn't realised it was fogged.

My heart is wider than ever.

All from just letting it go.

Allowing tears to flow isn't weak, it's not a dreadful negative thing, and it truly is better out than in.

When you prune an apple tree, it removes the unneeded and makes space for more fruit to grow.

That's what allowing the tears to flow does too.

Ultimately - it's liberating - when You allow it.

Jacqui xo

Jacqui Greene