Do you worry about what people are thinking of or about you?

Do you find yourself wondering if you are being judged?

Judged about your life.

Judged for your choices.

Judged on your circumstances.

If so, I can pretty much guarantee that the biggest judge of all, is the woman you look at every morning. The one staring back at you in the mirror. Perhaps the one hose eye contact you avoid each morning. The one you wish would shut up (in your head).

I can also pretty much guarantee that all of those people you think are judging you... they’re not.

Do you know why I know this?

Because they are WAY too busy judging themselves too! Thinking that everyone around them is judging them. Their hair, their makeup, their way of life, their life choices, their circumstances.

When you stop and really become aware of how much you judge or critique yourself, it’s from this space that changes can be made.

What’s easy to do, is of course, easy not to do, but the power awareness gives you is the CHOICE to change things.

To notice when you are speaking less than lovingly to your and change the record.

To notice when you are in fear or doubt - and call it out for what it is, give back to that little girl inside of you, as only YOU can.

Tell her what she NEEDS to hear, not what the circumstance and situation encourages.

From this space, things can change rapidly.

You begin to see the pain and happinesses in others eyes.

Realise that many people are hurting and too many are wracked with worry of what others might think.

Or at least are too caught up in their own lives to be worrying about yours.

And when that A-Ha moment hits you, that’s when your conscious and unconscious can start working together to create the life you really want.

A life filled with joy, free from over thinking, being overly self conscious, self critical or self deprecating.

Ultimately, this is about loving yourself First - of course.

And if you would like help with that, want to know how to change where you are at so that your tomorrows can be brighter and more under your control, feel free to book a call.

On this free call we will look to get real clarity on three things...

- What’s working, and what’s not working for you right now.

- The sort of person you want to show up to the rest of your life as.

- The exact steps to get you there.

If this sounds like something that you need, follow the link which will take you to my diary, where you can choose a time to suit you and then you will be taken to a quick little form, just to give me a little info on what you want to get from your call. Then you’re all set and I will call you at the time you selected.

Jacqui Greene