Life isn't full of challenges...


…Life is the challenge!

This is a line from a beautiful post I read recently, by a dear acquaintance of mine, Jesse Torres.

I wanted to go ahead and expand on what this means for me.

What if THIS IS IT?


What would you do differently?

I’ve often heard the line; “Live today as if it’s your last.”

But I think this is more than that.

If today were my last day there is so much I could do, without worrying about the consequences I might suffer in “normal” circumstances.

Suspend for a moment your beliefs of life after death, of reincarnation, angels or second chances of any kind and assume for right this moment, that this really is all you’ve got.

It’s comparable to my recent blog about your dash ( , and yet, I feel, there’s a greater awareness in this statement.

When you consider that life itself is the challenge and the so called challenges you feel from time to time, or from day to day, they are just games to play along the way, how does that change things?

Perspective after all is everything, isn’t it?

And that starts with the perspective of the word “challenge” itself….

Is it a positive or negative word to you?

Does it bring up heightened energy, a desire to step up and conquer?

Does it have you quivering at the thought of having to do something else, more of what you’re already doing?

Or, does it bring up a fear; “What did I do wrong to create this?”

How you perceive the word will influence whatever comes next for you. And the great thing about that is you can let go of the negative connotations, and focus on the positives, within an instant.

We all can.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction ~ Newtons’ Law.

In the same vein, for every emotion, there is an equal and opposite emotion.

For every thought, there is an equal and opposite thought.

What does “challenge” mean to you?

Is it a healthy, energising, positive emotional state or the equal and opposite?

How is this state serving you?

If it’s not serving you, what state would best serve you?

And then go out and find evidence in your life, and in those around you, of times when the state you know in your heart serves you has proven so.
As we begin to build evidence to prove the opposite of our ingrained patterns, those patterns - habits if your will - begin to diminish, and new formed patterns begin to grow,

Have you heard the saying “tend to your own garden”?

This relates to what you allow to grow inside you and what you chose to uproot and get rid of.

If you are not careful weed out those thoughts, patterns and habits that are not serving you, they will continue to grow, unbeknownst to you and suddenly, without realising it, you have a full on forest to contend with.

But to stay aware, tend your garden, pull out the weeds and plant stronger, self serving, positive plants - your garden, ie your life, can be everything you desire it to be.

And you can guess where that starts…… By loving YOURSELF enough to make changes, starting today.

If you would like to chat through what changes might be right for you, right now. Perhaps where you should start, or help to simply point out the weeds to begin with, schedule a call.

I’ve opened up my calendar for the next 48 hours to help people, just like you, to gain clarity, focus and understanding. To get clear on where they are at, where they want to be and the exact next steps to get there.

these places go quickly and are limited; there is only one of me after all. So if you would like that chat, simply schedule a FREE call and I will look forward to help you out.

With so much love, until next time.

jacqui xo

Jacqui Greene