You are a Superhero...


…and LOVE if your Super Power.

I’m not talking about lovey dovey romantic, drift off in to each others’ eyes love.

I’m talking about real, true unconditional love, for your fellow human being.

WOAH!!! What? I can hear you saying.

The super power that you have inside of you, that is love, it knows when you are being true and real, and it knows when you are reacting.

That super power within, that is love; it knows perspective. See’s an alternative possibility. Understands that Everyone is different.

That super power you have, that is love; It sees, hears and feels everything.

And it needs just one things from you:


Permission to do something differently

Permission to BE something different

Permission to stand out in a crowd

Permission to reach out when no-one else will.

Permission to be vulnerable.

Permission to care when others wouldn’t.

Permission to see the human in everyone.

Permission to smile, just to brighten someones day.

Permission to be real.

Permission to be seen.

LOVE not HATE rules this ultimate world.

When everyone is doing the best they can, with what they’ve got. Isn’t it easier to appreciate that we are all different. That our perspective is different to someone else’s.

That when someone acts selfishly, wrongly, inappropriately. It’s more often than not out of lack of resources on their part, and very seldomly out of sheer hatred.

When you CHOOSE love, first. For yourself, and then for each and every one else in your world, You let your Super Power ignite.

AND THAT changes everything.

Jacqui Greene