Stress - Anxiety - Apprehension - Nervousness - Angst.

Different words that create the same emotional responses inside the body.

You might even call those same responses by another name.

Whatever you title it though, the main physical responses are shaking or trembling, tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw line, legs, stomach. Heat rising, most especially around the chest, neck and jaw, and high, shallow breathing.

Controlling your breath can control ALL of the other physical responses.

And it’s EASY to control too!

Take a moment now to consider the last time you felt, let’s call it, anxious.

Can you reenact that time now?

Consider your body posture, the tightening of the muscles, the heat in your body and your breath.

I can guarantee, if you begin voluntarily breathing shallow breathing high in chest, with speed it wont take any time at all for you to being to notice those other body responses.

That’s because the breathing rate is a trigger for the emotional response. It’s what your body knows and understands.

Simply put; Breathing A = Physical response B = Your Emotional State.

So what can you do to change the cycle?

Breath lower, deeper, slower.

From the place where you are noticing your breath high, fast and shallow in your chest, place your hand down low where your tummy meets your female organs - there’s often a little crease there.

With your hand placed there take a breath as deeply as you can - You’re looking to move your hand!

If needs be, over exaggerate and really stick your tummy out as you breath in - this will help to give your brain direction for the flow of your breath.

Repeat as many times as you need to, to feel you‘ve got it.

Then begin to notice the relaxation through your body, the slowing down of your heart rate, the release of pressure in your mind, the loss of tension through shoulders.

Then PLAY With it!

Go back to the high, shallow, fast breathing and the slow, low, deep breathing.

Notice your individual differences.

How does it feel differently for you?

Awareness is the key to change, and when YOU notice stress, anxiety or nervousness bubbling up inside, you can now chose to do something differently.

I remember teaching this to a lady in my private practice. At that time, I hadn’t appreciated just how impactful this simple exercise could be.

Until she told me that she didn’t understand what I meant by breathing into her tummy.

She had spent SO many years in a chronic anxious state that it was her normal.

Not any longer!

This simple exercise allowed her to take control Of her body.

Enabled her to think more clearly.

Empowered her to go an and change so much more about herself that she is now happier and more content in her life than she can ever remember.

So enjoy the process, and perhaps come back and tell us how you got on, what changes it made for you.

Jacqui xo

ps, if you would like to take this further, understand what’s going on in your life right now, compared to what you would like it to be, and work out a roadmap for focus, continued and empowering change, for you first and for the rest of your life, book a Free discovery session.

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Jacqui Greene