It's ok to not be ok.

It's also ok, to not be ok.

As long as you don't live there...


Well, every emotion that we can feel is a real and valid emotion. If it were not so, then, well, we wouldn't feel them.

The trick though, is to decide just how long you want to stay in any particular emotion.

It might be that you don't ever want to feel sad, lonely, angry, guilty, or fearful ever again in your life.

And that's great!

But I have some bad news for you... the likelihood of NEVER feeling any of these things is slim to none.

And why is that?

Ultimately it's because life happens.

All of those emotions are a part of the human psyche and they are all valid, appropriate responses to particular situations.

Take the loss of a beloved pet. It would be appropriate to feel sad, perhaps lonely and maybe even angry - depending on the circumstances.

And it would be inappropriate to feel happy, elated or joyous...

The good news is that when emotions show up appropriately, you can totally give yourself permission to allow those emotions, decide on letting them run their course, and choose for how long is appropriate for you to feel those feelings.

Removing pressure, and guilt from the equation.

It is scientifically proven that we can not stay in any particular emotion for an indefinite amount of time.

Emotions evolved as ways for our prehistoric ancestors to hunt, gather, survive and procreate.

If they were to have stayed in any particular emotions - whether that be a perceived positive, or negative one, they would have died off.

Adrenalin itself comes from the survival instinct and is produced in particular circumstances - but it's known as a SPIKE of adrenalin for a reason.

The good and the bad news is that our perceived positive emotions can't stay around 100% of the time either.

That means you get to really FEEL your world.

And THAT is a gift in itself.

The choice you do get to make is how long you wish to stay in any particular state. If you are angry - notice you are angry - call angry out and, when you have allowed it to be , then decide how long you are prepared to stay angry for - given the circumstances.

Will 5 minutes be enough? Or an hour? Maybe 3 days, or longer?

You get to choose.

And when you do, you might just be surprised at how quickly angry can leave you and make way for the emotions that feed your soul.

So FEEL them all.

ALLOW them all.

And decide, where do you want to live MOST of the time, and where do you want to head back to, when those perceived negative emotions pass?

Jacqui xo

PS. If you would like help to understand this process more deeply, how to let go of the old emotions so that don't cloud the present moment, and how to decide how long to allow the negative emotions to stick around, feel free to schedule a free discovery call at;

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Jacqui Greene