Be the hammer - not the nail!


The fact of the matter is, you have the whole of the rest of your life ahead of you.

What’s happening today. It’s a culmination of the decisions, thoughts and focus you have had, up until now.

It is NOT your future.

Not your tomorrow.

And it doesn’t have to be your next moment either.

When you choose to be the hammer, and not the nail.

You’re choosing taking control.

Can you affect every single thing in your world. No, but you can effect how you think, feel and act about you.

You can say NO MORE.


And when you do that, you are forging your way to being the hammer.

Being in control.

Making decisions based on facts, not emotions.

Deciding to decide.

Whether you are 18, 80, or anywhere in between. You can show up as the best version of you, today.

Or would you rather continue to be smashed by a hammer you have no control over?

Would you prefer to embed yourself in the emotions that have buried themselves within you based on some unknown event from your past, that your unconscious mind is overusing to control your perceived safety?

Here are three steps to forging your own hammer.

  1. TAKE A STAND. Literally! GET UP, out of your chair, bed or sofa; wherever you are reading this from, and move your body! Get some life force, some energy, some adrenaline moving through those veins.

  2. MAKE A CHOICE. One thing that you are going to do, RIGHT NOW, to move you out of the place you are currently in, due to past circumstance, and into the space you want to be, the person you want to be, the life you want to live.

  3. DO IT. Do it NOW! Take immediate action toward your dreams and your next moment will be a version of your new self.

You are the hammer.

You were not born to be the nail.

Jacqui xo

Jacqui Greene