The strengths and weaknesses of meditation...

I was speaking with a lady a few days about about where she finds herself in life, what's not working for her right now, where she wants to be, what she wants her life to be like and what she has been doing to change things.

One of the key components of where she had been placing her focus, and I think a place many go to expectantly, for peace, solace and healing is meditation.

So what's wrong with that?

You might ask.

Well, honestly - there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

In fact it was a space I too went to, many years ago now, to find answers, to understand, to heal.

But what I found was that meditating alone didn't do all I needed.

It was a starting point, for certain.

I had been in a bad place and the time out that I took for me was particularly powerful in my journey to being here with you today, doing what I do.

But I was fortunate in having the ability to steel myself away for 3 months solid. I literally moved out of my life and into my mind for 90 days!

It was powerful.

It was transformative.

I received many answers

And I got clarity

But I didn't heal.

There were weeks I didn't go outside at all.

And still I see this amount of time away from the rest of the world as a luxury so many can't afford and also time that need not be taken.

You see, meditation is about stopping. Taking a breath and going inside. It's about sitting and feeling. Without judgement.

But when the voices in your head are so strong, or the worries and concerns of the day to do are there in the forefront of your mind, 10minutes to and hour every day just isn't going to cut it.

Yes, it will give you a time out. A moment of distraction. A space to run and hide to.

But it can only bring peace when that little girl inside of you is onboard with your future. Ready and able to focus forward. Happy to stand along side you and create all that is possible in your life.

Meditation is a gift to yourself

Of that there is no doubt.

And timing, as with all of the greatest gifts, is everything.

Ask yourself, "why?"

Why do you meditate?

What do you hope to gain from it?

Are you getting all you wish for your life from it?

Or does it, like for me, and the lady I spoke to the other day, do a something - but simply not enough?

If you would like to chat about how to step out from the hope of what meditation will give you and in to a space where you are able to move forward with inspired action, you are welcome to book a call.

I have created these calls to help give clarity -

Over what you want your life to be like

Who you want to be

And the exact steps to get there.

Of course, they're not for everyone. Many people here and well on their journey and happy with life as it is right now.

But for some, they are still lost. searching around in the darkness for some glimpse of light that will help them heal, show them there is hope and offer them a helping hand along the way.

If that's you, you can simply schedule a free discovery call here and it will be my pleasure to serve you in whatever way I can on that call.

With love

Jacqui xo

Jacqui Greene