One small step for mankind...


We all know that saying, don’t we.. when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the surface of the moon

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

That bleak, dusty, crater filled surface of the moon can be a lot like our minds at times.

Dark, empty, nothingness.

I was talking with a lady today who was deep inside this space.

Where the darkness far outweighed the light.

But you know what, in the short time we spoke, that light, that we all have inside of us; me, your friends, your family, strangers, YOU, it started to shine from her too.

The person who answered the phone; down, depressed, lost, she softened, brightened, laughed even - more than once.

And more importantly than that, she made some choices on that call.

She decided to do three tiny things that her old happy self would have done.

Nothing so crazy that it was overwhelming, or too big a mountain to climb, just three tiny things.

Those three tiny things are her “Small Step” for her physical persona, and one “Giant Leap” for her spiritual persona.

Tiny things = taking back control.

Tiny things = taking responsibility.

Tiny changes = changing the trajectory of your life.

Tiny changes = making a slit in the dark cloud and allowing a chink of sunshine to come through.

And just like the analogy of

look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

When you focus on making those tiny changes, all of a sudden, and far sooner than you might imagine, MASSIVE changes start to occur

What three tine things will you do differently today to change your life?

I look forward to hearing from you about them.

Jacqui xo

Jacqui Greene