You do not have to compromise!


You know, you don't have to compromise - Not now, not ever.

I’m so saddened when I hear from so called "relationship experts" that say you have compromise to make a marriage work.

It’s simply not true!

You DO NOT have to compromise to have a happy, healthy marriage that’s full of fun, laughter, connection and love.

In fact, what I know to be true, in my experience coaching my clients through their relationship issues, is that compromising hurts them, and their relationship.


Because instead of being your true and complete, authentic self; congruent to what you believe in and what’s important to you, compromising makes you sacrifice your values and integrity, this in turn sacrifices your relationship.

Of course, compromise enables you, on many levels, to avoid confrontation, but at what cost? That mystical spark of your marriage dies and you're left with the bare bones of what you once had, and what you truly deserve.

But worse than that, your self-image, self-worth and self-respect can crumble leaving you in a downward spiral that no one deserves to be in.


You can have back what attracted you both to each other, you can be close again, be partners and be in love; each other's ally, and best friend.

But it's got to start with truth. YOUR truth.

And that does not come with compromise.

LOVE first.

Love, compassion, empathy, understanding. THIS is HOW marriages are saved and THIS is who you truly are, isn't it?

How you need to be loved - it's what your partner needs to feel loved.

What feels missing for you, is what's missing for your partner.

The specifics may be different but the basis, the root, the core - that's the same - Believe me.

And when you can appreciate that, everything can change.

When you can LOVE FIRST, be the truest and most brilliant version of yourself and step forward in your relationship in complete control of your own light. THAT is when the MAGIC happens.

THAT is when relationships are changed by just one person.

If you would like to have a chat to find out how you can step in to the truest version of yourself and save your relationship, please, to book a call.

In your free call, I’ll help you get clarity on what’s not working in your relationship but most importantly we'll delve in to what you want it to be like. How you dream it to be. What you would do anything to have back in your life, or move forward in to. Where everything is as you KNOW it can be.

And, if I can help you get there, I will absolutely show you the steps to how. But if I can't, then I will show you that and help you to whatever is the next best step on your journey.

Either way, this call could be the very best 45 minutes you’ve ever spent working on your relationship, for you and for your family.

Whatever you chose to do next, just promise yourself NO MORE compromise.

And if you'd like my help with that, I look forward to chatting with you.

Much love


Jacqui Greene