Discovering the truth

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Today, while editing my book; 90 days of meditation ~ a journey of self discovery, I was reminded of just how beautiful the universe is, and was made very aware that I am (and therefore we are all) so much more than I often give myself credit for.

Back in April 2016, during my day 57 meditation, I drafted the outline of my coaching business.  “The Listening Project”

Almost two years on, and having remastered my coaching business a number of times, I have today been delving deeper into the realms of ‘Clean Language’ - a way of eliciting the unconscious to bring forth metaphors which have specific and personal meanings to the client.

My descriptions from that day, during my meditations, mirror the basis on which clean language was formed. The realisation of this made me stop and take note, to reconsider a path I had until now chosen to put aside, because of not believing enough, or having a great enough understanding of my own unique talents and abilities.

Where do I go from here? The first step is to Clean Language question the heck out of myself, to find the path and work out the way forward. I will get out of my own way and let all that is within me to come forward.

I have been struggling with the path I had been heading down due to a lack of congruence.  I now know why this is. I don’t feel I need to change direction, more so I need to work out an amalgamation of all paths in to one- notice the metaphors there?

What a beautiful reminder of how I have allowed the 'everyday' to dumb down my subconscious and lose sight of the truths within.

Jacqui Greene