No intimacy - No connection

I came off the phone earlier with someone who was really struggling with the lack of intimacy in her marriage.  Her sex life is currently non-existent, and her and her spouse have been sleeping in separate rooms now, for over a month.

The decision to sleep separately was taken after “yet another disagreement” which, though not explosive, came as one in a long line of misunderstandings, lack of empathy, creeping disrespect and frustrations - on both sides.

The effect of these issues, on this lady’s whole life, was palpable, and something I hear all too often from the clients I speak to; an overriding sadness affecting not only her self-esteem but her concentration at work, which is waning, she’s finding herself being short-tempered with her children and her overall focus, on even the simplest tasks is compromised.

With all this going on, it’s no surprise that she also told me that she has not felt completely well for over six months, that her weight is fluctuating due to binge eating and then dieting to keep everything “under control”, she’s worried that the affects on her job are putting her at risk and that the children, though seemingly “ok” on the outside, are showing signs of distress and dysfunction - often asking her if she is ok, which she knows is just not right.

The bottom line is, if things don’t change, this relationship is only heading one way, and soon.

But is doesn’t have to be this way.  While most couples that have lost their connection in this way are struggling to keep it together, a small handful of people are quietly pulling it back and creating amazing, connected relationships, even after they had been living like housemates.

These relationships are now stronger than ever, focused towards one another  instead of away, living in happiness instead of sadness, where the children have seen the change in their parents from unconnected to having a loving partnership.

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Here’s what we will be covering.

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  • How my clients have built affection and brought back an intimacy that can only be found in loving and trusting relationships.

  • How my clients were able to release the old emotions that were causing the pain and sadness in their relationships, enabling them to open up to receiving all of the love they desired.

  • How my clients built exciting futures, filled with, connection, love and laughter.

  • AND, how they achieved all of this while being true to their needs, without confrontation, or hours of counselling and therapy.

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Jacqui x

Jacqui Greene