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How to let go of everything that has been holding you back and step into your best life now.

When you stop and take a moment to look at what’s really going on in your life; in your career, relationship, or with your family, it’s all too easy to point the finger, blame someone or something else for the way you are feeling and ultimately stack and build on the frustration, sadness and resentment until there is little to nothing left of the real you inside.


Many of those I speak with are so consumed by the misalignment in their lives that they simply can’t see the truth of what’s really going on.  

Does this resonate with you?


Have you spent months, years, maybe even decades wondering if this is what your life is?


Did you grow up believing in fairytales only to be faced with the harsh reality of life as an adult?


Is frustration, confusion and overwhelm seeping into all areas of your life?


Do you worry that life is passing you by way too quickly and know that something has to change?


Have you been struggling to communicate, connect, or reach out to others?


Do the dreams you had for your life seem more like fantasy as each day goes by?


Have you attended counselling or therapy, reliving your old stories and despite things feeling positive at the time, never truly letting go of all that no longer serves you?

Scared you may never be truly happy?

Awareness is the first step to happiness


When you can look in the mirror and truly accept that the person looking back at you is the only person responsible for your life; for your emotions, wellbeing, happiness, that’s when things can change.  


From this space of awareness all healing can begin and alignment with your true identity can commence. This how real joy, fulfilment and true success can then easily find its way into your life.


Ultimately, it’s the first step to finding your true identity, connecting back to the you that is you, and building the confidence to express all that is you out to the world. 

Are you ready to take a stand for yourself now?  


Do you recognise that unless you align with your true identity, fall back in love with yourself, understand and appreciate the power of showing up as who you truly are and step into a life of joy, happiness and fulfilment, you will always be settling for something less than you deserve, and desire?

I have a special invitation for you

From feeling helpless, lost and unhappy, to being full of life, vigour and able to laugh again


When I first spoke to Jacqui I was in a place where I felt helpless. I had lost faith in myself and my abilities. I felt lost, I didn't know who I was anymore or what I wanted., I was unhappy and had very little confidence or self belief. I was dealing with the loss of my father and was looking for work. My world had caved in and I knew that I needed to change things but had no idea how.
Being invited to work with Jacqui through her A Journey of Self Discovery programme was quite literally a lifeline. I will forever be grateful to Jacqui for inviting me to join her community, and coaching and guiding me through this journey.

So much has happened in such a short space of time. I have forgiven and let go of things and people who no longer add value to my life. It wasn't painful, it just happened. I have put theory into practice and not only de-cluttered my home but also my life. Those events that previously caused trauma and sadness are no longer shadows on my life creating blocks. I have grown stronger and am able to laugh at the good memories that I had locked away, to develop new bonds with people who have helped me grow and heal. Within the programme I have listened to the experiences of others during the live calls and seen the change in others.  
I have gone from someone with very little confidence, who worried constantly and couldn't sleep at night from the thoughts whizzing around my head to someone who bounces into the room full of life and vigour. Someone who had two fantastic job offers this week, who creates her own opportunities and choices.  
My sleep is undisturbed, my skin glows, the strange swelling that the medical profession failed to diagnose has all but disappeared and I am full of vitality and a love of life and myself. 

I now see life is an adventure, full of opportunity just waiting for me to step into and grasp with both hands. To take hold of those opportunities and grow, grow, grow!

Jacqui is an amazing coach, she guides you through the programme every step of the way. She takes the time to understand and build relationships with her clients and hand picks those that she works with. The material is simple to follow and can be easily fitted into your day. Jacqui has an a beautiful, nurturing style in the way she works with you.

This journey has been one that at the beginning my intuition told me to take, I could never have guessed I would come so far in such a short space of time. For me it has quite literally been life changing, the difference made in my life by undertaking the programme is priceless.

Jacqui gives you the knowledge, tools and guidance for you to use, the hard work is putting in the time, effort and commitment, although having said that learning has never been so much fun. I would 100% recommend this programme to anyone who is offered the opportunity to take it. Forget standing on the edge procrastinating, step up and grab it with both hands. I will be forever grateful for the invitation to work with Jacqui and to myself for stepping up.

Falling in love with my true self has positively impacted the love to and from everyone else


I was struggling with some emotional issues around my parents and also in my relationship when I spoke with Jacqui. I was letting the way others felt affect me quite profoundly and I felt as though I had been offered a lifeline, that perhaps for once things could really change for the better when Jacqui invited me to work with her.

For me I feel as though my biggest celebration is the feeling of not being completely bound by what others say or do. I no longer feel that sense of uncertainty and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with that.

Through learning to love myself better I am able to love others too. I have had some massive stand out moments.

My partner has been greatly affected by the work I’ve been doing. I feel as though I have been able to be much more honest in my communication and manage my emotions in a positive way. I am able to be more expressive, honest and loving.

I have always found the relationship with my mum particularly challenging. I feel as though the work around gratitude has helped me with this. My feelings towards her have shifted from being angry and frustrated to more accepting and loving. The exercise with the mirror was particularly very helpful with this. Regarding this exercise I wanted to say how grateful I am to you Jacqui for sharing your experiences, it was so incredibly powerful and helped me so much with the emotions/ and memories of my relationship with my ex husband. Instead of anger I have a warm glow thinking about the really wonderful memories I have.

My work has improved tremendously. There are areas in my job that I struggle with particularly since I work alone. I have found the courage to address areas of my job where I have lacked confidence and I am now seeing the results of that. In attending conferences where I meet lots of people I am finding my confidence growing as well. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and able to relax more in strangers company without needing to drink a few glasses of wine to do this.
I recently did a speed networking session in a conference where I felt the familiar dread and butterflies however within minutes I was really enjoying myself and was able to step out of myself and really listen and learn lots from others. I never thought I’d say that I enjoyed a speed networking session or even that I look forward to the next one!

I feel more excited about my future and though I know that I cannot control everything that happens, that’s ok because I have a really different way of looking at things.

The essential thing is that everything feels ok now, from this point. I feel as though I have all I need right now which makes me more able to plan the next steps in my life journey and I would recommend Jacqui’s programme to anyone who is feeling stuck. Who knows that they haven’t always felt like this and who also knows they have so much deep inside that they would like to express.
It is a journey that requires a wholehearted commitment to yourself - As with most things in life you will get out what you put in.

This programme is the most precious gift you could offer to yourself and at the same time those around you.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

This programme is dedicated to those who are ready to make the changes in their lives now.  Are committed to becoming the very best they can be - For themselves first and foremost.


This is for you if you know that you have been in the darkness long enough, too long, and know deep down inside that you deserve more.


This is for you if you are sick and tired or being sick and tired, and want the next 30, 40, 50 years of your life to be on your terms.  Knowing that by doing that, the love, passion, flare and joy of life will come to you, when you stop chasing it.


This is for those that may be deemed successful from the outside world, but on this inside feel as though it’s all falling apart.


Your outlook of life will be very different at the end of the programme, than it is today.


If this resonates with you, if you feel called and ready to do what it takes to find your light and to have the life, love and laughter that you deserve now, then here is what I have for you.

What you get

This is how I help you to that place of alignment that will positively impact and transform every area of your life:

  • Shift # 1:There are resources inside of you that you don’t realise are there right now and I’m going to use a unique process to help you find and connect with them.We work together to unearth those powerful parts of you that have been buried or pushed aside by other, less helpful, traits; those which have been dumbed down, pushed aside or belittled due to the need to conform, those that kept you safe in a moment of real or perceived danger, and those that have evolved from having served you in particular way in your past.
    These new-found resources and strengths are going to not only be the foundation of the work that we do through the rest of the programme, in helping you find and connect with your true identity, they will remain with you for the rest of your life.

  • Shift #2:Utilising a number of different tools I will guide you through taking the vision of your best self and have you connect with your past self.  From a tiny baby right up to your present self, you will protect, heal and discharge the unhelpful emotional associations through these exercises. Using the knowledge and awareness from that best version of you, you will let go of the emotional attachments that have been holding you back and hiding your true identity, while embracing the undeniable truths that form from those events from your past.

  • Shift #3:By consciously rewriting the unhelpful parts of your past story; the one that has been ruling your life up until now.  We’re going to get crystal clear about what your new story looks like.  How you behave, how you think, how you act when a different narrative is in play.
    You will debunk what you used to think was the truth from that old story and replace it with new truths and I will also give you the tools to recognise the fragments from the old story to enable you to stay grounded more completely within your new one.

  • Shift #4:
    Here I help you to depersonalise anything that may have been done to you by others in the past. Releasing the triggers that have been compounding your reactions and  freeing you from  the negative emotional charge that surrounds these events.This process will allow you to recognise that the other person's intentions were based wholly within a space of self serving, rather than out of any objective to hurt you.When this is embodied both consciously and unconsciously you will begin to heal, are set free from these olds binds and able to take all that you have learned forward into the rest of your life.

Through these four shifts you will have made massive positive changes and inroads into finding, connecting and aligning with your true identity. We will then begin to cement all of this work though helping you reflect back on the changes and projecting the positive effects out into your future. 


Bringing you to a place where in our closing exercises together you will take the final journey out of the old identity that was no longer serving you and into that which is truly you. Aligning you with your true identity, bringing all of your work together and associating the truest version of yourself into every area of your life.


We work closely and collaboratively through the four intervention loaded core shifts and I then create the space for the necessary reflection and calibration exercises before concluding your transformation by grounding you solidly into your truest, most aligned and confident version of yourself.


To help you achieve the very best outcomes from this work together, your individual and personalised one to one work with me is supported where needed, by in-depth pre-recorded self-study elements, with predetermined exercises and assignments to help you more concisely with your own personal needs.  This, you get to keep for life, and you also have unlimited access to me via messenger or on email throughout the time we are working together.

Support every step of the way

“The work that we did together has completely changed my life Jacqui. I am so glad I was recommended to you and I can’t thank you enough for the brighter, happier and more peaceful life that I know have.”


“Calling you in tears from my car was a turning point in my life. The peace that settled within me and within our household within the first week of working with you was wonderful and learning how to show up in my own life changed everything. Thank you. ”


I feel so much happier and content within myself and confident to tackle whatever comes, head on



I just wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for all your help over the last eight weeks. I really feel like a completely different person to the one who plucked up the courage to pick up the phone to you at the start of the Summer. When I look back I can really tell what a journey I have been on and that really is down to you and the way you have helped me to explore life from a different, positive, thankful and forgiving angle. 

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this process has been the weekly chats with you and the other ladies and being able to share positive experiences and get great advice from listening to them.

It was also really interesting to notice the changes in people as they progressed along their journey and that, although we couldn't always see each other, you could really hear the growing confidence and self assuredness and excitement in their voices. I think that sometimes you don't really notice the journey you are on yourself, as it happens little by little every day, but you could really notice it in others as the weeks progressed.

I feel so much happier and content within myself and confident to tackle whatever comes head on, knowing that if and when I make decisions it is because I want to make them, not because I think it is a decision that other people want to hear.

I have learned to let go of so many things which have also been a burden for a very long time - even though perhaps didn't realise it and I find myself actively seeking out the positives in a day and engaging with people in a more positive way, because I can, not because I think I ought to or might get something out of it.

For a lot of this journey, I felt like I struggled with finding my 'A ha!' moments. However, since finishing the 8 weeks, they seem to be coming thick and fast. For example, chatting with a colleague at work, and not one I even know that well, I suddenly found myself realising how much pressure I had put myself under whilst working in my last job and so grateful I was to have been given the opportunity to go back to a job, albeit very different to the one I had before and feel so supported and appreciated by so many people. 

I also realised I could be happy for other people for things that previously I would have been very envious about and that above all, I am happy with myself - this one happened whilst I was just standing in my garden the other day! Each time this happened it was like a proper physical release of something - so thank you!

I know that the journey is far from over but I am so glad it has started and I am trying really hard to  make sure that I make that 1% shift every day to make my life more positive. I have even started to make my kids tell me three things each night that they are grateful for before they go to bed so that they too can start each day feeling thankful and positive.

Anyway, enough from me, but I just wanted to express properly how thankful I am to you and the other ladies that I have 'met' over the last 8 weeks for starting me off on this wonderful journey. Please thank them for their support tonight in your group chat and if I can ever buy you a coffee or a glass of wine to say thank you in person, that would be lovely. 

I was plagued with self-confidence issues, anxiety and a low mood



Before I worked with Jacqui I was plagued with self confidence issues, anxiety about the future and a low mood. I did not value myself and blamed myself for everything.

It was particularly critical when Jacqui invited me in to the programme with her as it came at a time when I would be returning to general practice after 6 years in the corporate world, as well as taking on a couple of other new challenges.
And I was to finally have my ex-partner move out 3 years after we split up - he had become and emotional crutch.

It sounded like the perfect programme come at the perfect time, for me. I'd come so far on my own, but it was time to really challenge some unhelpful behaviours and beliefs and I needed help with that! - There are so many high points, these are just some of them!…
1. Getting my sanctuary sorted at the start made a massive difference to me. It gave me a place to just be. And to do the activities and really start being regular about my mindfulness practice and reflection.
2. My diary was so useful. I did keep a reflective journal anyway but the added accountability of doing it as part of the programme really helped me keep it up. It is amazing to look back through it now!
3. My key learning was to be kind to myself and I now am aware of when I am putting too much pressure on myself or judging myself and can easily adopt a kind, gentle compassion towards myself. It definitely stops those spirals of negativity. I am feeling much more confident in myself and find myself feeling responsible inappropriately for others less often.
4. I have been suffering from chronic pain related to endometriosis, fibroids and scar tissue from several operations on an almost daily basis. I was having to take increasing analgesia to cope. I applied the pendulum technique to communicate with my unconscious to ask her to filter out unhelpful pain. From that day I have had NO pain except associated directly with my periods (the endometriosis), the daily toothache-like pain has COMPLETELY gone. I only need analgesia for 2 days a month rather than every day. And I was so sceptical about the pendulum thing! I decided to approach it with an open heart and mind and it just goes to show how important trust, acceptance and non-judgement actually are.

I am positive about the future. I know now where my true north is and I know what I value in me and in my daily life.
I am aware of spirals and simply don't allow them into my life. I feel that I have all the resources I need to deal with whatever I need to and to make a path for myself that leads to happiness and fulfilment.

Don’t think about it, just do it! You cannot put a value on understanding yourself and learning to be aware of how you may trip yourself up, and how you can grow as a person. Jacqui is an amazing guide and a wonderful support. To connect with yourself and value yourself is a magical gift. She has a frequent saying that I think is wonderful.... "you can't unlearn this stuff".... I truly have learned lessons that I will take through the rest of my life with me.

Is this for you?

I wish I had found this 20 years ago ~ Maria


When I found this programme I was in a very bad place in my relationship. Becoming a mother and working full time had taken its toll and the home had become a place of conflict and felt like a battle ground. My little girl was 3 and a half and I knew that things needed to change for both myself and my daughter. Joining the programme gave me a sense of worth that I had long forgotten. It helped me start to believe in myself and meant that I finally spent time reconnecting.


In the short space of 8 weeks my home is no longer a place of conflict. I am equipped to handle disagreements in a positive way and have noticed the enormous change in positive energy in both my partner and daughter. I have established healthy boundaries and have a level of self love I'd not had before.


The 8 weeks highlighted to me the importance in self awareness and care and I have vision where before I had doubt in so many areas of my life.


I found Jacqui really compassionate and totally non judgemental even though she'd see me at pretty rock bottom. And, I found the group sessions so valuable, and the energy and support from the others amazing.


There is only one thing that could have made this journey better for me, and that's if I had discovered it 20 years ago.

It works!



I was dealing with frustration and overwhelm when Jacqui and I first spoke, especially the poor behaviour and blame that went with that.

Being invited to work with Jacqui in the A Journey of Self Discovery programme was a positive start to change and it immediately gave a different way to look at things.


I loved the going back to the child and I have used that two ways; for myself - it gave me a softer less harsh approach and helped me lose the negative talk, and it gave me someone else to ask! -What would I have done as a child? I was braver then and less squashed by things.

With others, if they behave poorly, I now see it as their inner child shouting out, as mine once did. Then it is not so personal, could be an overwhelm from something else for them. Be kind and see what happens rather than flicking the finger and becoming huffy and defensive.


I had a clear vision of my future before I met Jacqui; I had my business in the pipeline - it is still in the pipeline but it’s galloping up and I now realise that I can do it with my family rather than shutting them out. I am very territorial and I have learnt to relax that but also be clearer about my world so that others can come in without causing damage by mistake.


I have learnt a lot from Jacqui, and as for the programme, let it work! Stick to it. The exercises are a short time but your subconscious works with them a lot longer than that. I am still having Ah Ha moments now.

Everything has changed



I can honestly say Jacqui turned my life around.


I started working with Jacqui to help me stop procrastinating and get confidence and focus in my new business. Jacqui was kind, understanding, supportive and challenged me when I needed it most.


Ultimately it was other areas of my life that were holding me back, a big part of that was my relationship with my husband. I am so grateful for the insight, inspiration, care and guidance Jacqui has shared, not only am I a better person for it, I am in the happy loving marriage I had always dreamed of.

I can see a future now



I was very emotional, anxious and genuinely in a bad place due to getting divorced after 20years marriage when I recommended to Jacqui.


The celebration and healing from my the time during the programme has been my new found ability to cope with everyday. Before my time with Jacqui I was at a stage in my life where the overwhelm and emotions had reached a level where it was impossible to see a future. I now have to the ability and skills to deal with life and the fact that I can see a future is a huge thing for me. In my darkest days this had become impossible.


I cant recommend Jacqui and the Journey of Self Discovery highly enough. This came to me at a time in my life that I needed it the most and I am truly grateful for the opportunity and results I’ve had.

I can’t wait to meet

the real you!

Jacqui Written
Jacqui Greene



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