What would like to change?

Applied Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy enables you to go deeper, to experience relaxation like you may never have before and to access the deeper entities of you subconscious, to find the answers you already hold inside.

Would you like to;

> Stop smoking?
> Lose weight?
> Take control ?
> Increase confidence?
> Build motivation?
> De-stress?
> Find true relaxation?
> Improve sleep?
> or are you simply intrigued?

Questions or thoughts you might have;

> What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy enables you to access the deeper part of your mind to solve issues or improve areas in your life.

> How many sessions will I need?
Every client is different and treated as the individual you are. Some clients achieve results with just one Hypnotherapy session, while others prefer further sessions to enhance their development.

> I don’t want to be made a fool of.
This statement often arises from those who have seen stage Hypnosis. 
You are in control throughout your hypnotherapy session. Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment, while hypnotherapy is a form of complimentary therapy.

> What if I don’t wake up?
The very worst that can happen during a hypnotherapy session is that you will actually fall asleep. There is no risk of not waking up, a simple tap on the shoulder and you will be back in the room with me.

> I’m scared of losing control.
This is a common statement, again often due to having seen stage hypnosis.
You are always completely in control of your mind and your body. Including but not limited to your physical movements and bodily functions

> Can I be taken advantage of?
No. During a hypnotherapy session your senses become heightened. Your awareness of your surroundings and especially your hearing, is greater than during a normal waking state.

> How does it work?
By allowing yourself in to a deep state of relaxation you enable your conscience mind (the part of your brain that is analytical, critical, and always on the go) to switch off for a while enabling us to communicate with you unconscious mind (the part which is creative, understands only images and metaphors and is responsible for looking after everything that we do, without thinking) and find the answers to the issues / questions that are presenting themselves.